Which Server Has Double The Amount of Benchmarks Of Its Closest Competitor

Lenovo achieved 46 new world record benchmarks (while a previous 42 benchmarks were maintained), bringing Lenovo’s total of #1 world record claims up to an impressive 88. These benchmarks run the gamut, from 1S to 8S servers, with workloads ranging from Big Data, Web tier, Analytics to Virtualization.

While big data analytics is Lenovo’s bread and butter, it’s good to see the success spread out across different areas as well. All in all, Lenovo took home more than double the amount of benchmarks of its closest competitor—not too shabby at all.

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers now hold:

5 world records in business processing apps
8 world records in infrastructure virtualization apps
16 world records in general computing apps
3 world records in technical computing apps
19 world records in server-side Java apps
37 world records in big data analytics apps