Managed Services

Managed Services

The major defining attribute of a managed service is remote or outsourced support. With GMI’s history and expertise in IT solutions, we can help augment and extend your IT resources and staff. Solutions can be configured in many ways based on your desire to own or lease capital.

Choosing a partner to help you run your operations is a critical business decision.  We offer a comprehensive review of systems, support, personnel and risk to recommend a solution that works for your specific situation.  Managed Services can be deployed may ways based on your level of support. GMI understands the options to ensure your business selects the best choice to maximize results.


managed services


Combined with our professional services team, we are here to help with design, equipment selection and data migration. We will work with you to define the best practices you need for ongoing operations. Please give us a call at 425-644-2233 to start the conversation.


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