Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Enterprise cloud offers a balance between the technology benefits of the public cloud along with added safety and performance controls.  GMI can help guide you to a solution that provides the peace of mind you are looking for with the benefits of new technology infrastructure.


Leverage cloud benefits while retaining control.


How does a enterprise cloud work?  In general, IT infrastructure is dedicated to your applications, with access, security and performance designed to your specifications.  Some components, such as storage, may be shared based on the design.

Housed in secure datacenters, a enterprise cloud (or gated cloud) can offer improvements in the IT operating environment as well.  With access to multiple networks, power redundancy or expert staff on-site, the physical environment can outperform typical in-house enterprise datacenters.

A dedicated private cloud offers:

  • Company-specific SLAs
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced demand on IT staff
  • Minimized capital costs
  • Expanded contingency plans
  • Total cost of ownership savings
  • Reduced capital refresh cycles

Migrating to the cloud can be complicated if you’ve never done it.  Let GMI help you design your enterprise cloud solution today.  We will work with your team to transition data and applications to the new environment.  Please give us a call at 425-644-2233 to start the conversation.


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