GEM Overview

GMI GEM Solutions

GMI created the GMI Enterprise Modules (GEM) solutions family to provide IT departments with flexible, responsive, competitively priced IT solutions that are fully integrated and easy to deploy. GMI GEM solutions simplify rolling out new purpose-driven applications. GMI does the work to define the best hardware and software combination needed to get the job done. These solutions allow you to get a solution up and running in the least amount of time without creating a major demand on your team’s time.

GMI does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We’ve considered today’s solutions and what it takes to run them. We focus on what brings the greatest value to business, skipping the expensive add-ons. Working with the manufacturer, we’ve identified the optimal infrastructure to support the service. Our internal technical team then assembles your optimized solution.

GMI GEM Solutions are available in three product lines:

  • The Diamond product line provides HA capabilities and deeper customization to ensure higher reliability and increased availability with redundant computing and storage resources.
  • The Emerald product line provides the same integrated solutions in non-HA configurations.
  • The Onyx product line provides a single or focused application configuration.

For most software systems, getting the implementation right is the key to ongoing value. This work starts well before a system is built. We work with your team to define best practices, custom configurations, training and even ongoing system support so your investment works for today and tomorrow.

GMI GEM Solutions

GMI takes a holistic approach to system deployment, optimizing technology for your company’s environment with your people, processes and desired information in mind. For a free assessment of your environment, call us at 425-644-2233.