GEMstor HPC (High Performance Computing)

Unstructured data is expected to grow to over 350,000 exabytes by 2020 worldwide, an astounding 80% CAGR. This makes storing and managing data even more critical to business success.

GMI designed its GEMstor HPC solutions family to provide integrated turn-key hardware/software solutions for high performance data storage and management needs.  By leveraging GMI’s GEMstor HPC solutions, businesses are able to quickly implement and scale new initiatives saving time and IT resources.

Business Drivers:

  • Improve productivity with increased storage performance
  • Handle unprecedented data growth with scalable storage capacity
  • Improve competitive position by decreasing time to results
  • Overcome inflexibility of existing SAN and DAS storage
  • Reduce design limits and enjoy linear TCO to build, scale and maintain storage
  • Pay as you grow, IT budget matched to business growth

Why GEMstor HPC?

Modern IT infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest link.  Keeping demanding analysts and data scientists productive and happy with their discovery, research or data triangulation progress needs a high performance solution. Companies must improve performance, reduce latency, avoid bottlenecks and eliminate ‘hotspots’ within their IT infrastructure.


GMI’s GEMstor HPC accelerates unstructured data workloads and simplifies data management.


The GEMstor HPC appliances leverage the patented Panasas PanFS® storage operating system and DirectFlow® parallel protocol to deliver high performance and reliability at scale from a solution that is as easy to manage as it is fast to deploy. With flash technology optimized for small file and metadata performance, GEMstor HPC provides significantly improved filesystem responsiveness while accelerating time-to-results. Based on a fifth generation storage blade architecture and the proven Panasas PanFS storage operating system, GEMstor HPC high performance scale-out NAS solutions offer an attractively low total cost of ownership for the life sciences, manufacturing, media, government, energy and university research markets.

Solutions Built for the Enterprise

GEMstor HPC provides a solution to fit any company’s data storage and management needs. Configured based on your data storage and performance needs and team size, GEMstor HPC is available in three models: Onyx, Emerald and Diamond.

GMI’s GEMstor HPC Family of Purpose-Driven Storage

  • Gemstor HPC Onyx – 66 TB Starter Kit
    The Starter Kit works well for small teams with scattered storage and a need to consolidate into a shared environment or applications with moderate capacity and performance requirements.
  • GEMstor HPC Emerald – 157 TB Performance Bundle
    The Performance Bundle more than doubles Starter Kit capacity while also essentially doubling performance. As such, larger teams and mixed application workloads within this capacity range receive greater performance and efficient use of RAID 6+ with triple parity data protection.
  • GEMstor HPC Diamond – 395 TB High Density Bundle
    The High Density Bundle delivers exceptional performance supporting up to 395 TB with all the benefits of the Performance Bundle, including more than 2.5 times the capacity/density and a cost per terabyte (TB) over 35% lower.

All GEMstor HPC models include system installation services and one year of Silver Support providing next business day advance replacement parts delivery and software releases.

Additional Information

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