Professional Services

GMI’s Professional Services

We are innovative problem solvers known for outstanding business results. GMI has a long history of high quality order fulfillment, delivering products on time, supplying custom integration services and offering flexible procurement models for Fortune 500, enterprise and public-sector organizations. Take advantage of the full range of professional IT consulting services offered by GMI to help optimize your IT infrastructure and organization. We provide you with independent, unbiased evaluations and recommendations with an eye toward future proofing to ensure the technology you implement today doesn’t limit your organization tomorrow.

GMI Professional Services provide a range of services from complete IT design and ecosystem implementation to the strategic deployment of new technology within an existing environment. No matter what the project, we act as your independent, trusted advisor. GMI supports the full IT lifecycle for any organization.  Our Professional Services span four practice areas: Datacenter infrastructure, Security Management, IT Intelligence and Cloud.  Customized services for each practice area ensure that your organization’s needs are met and fit your specific requirements.


Following a proven methodology based upon over 30 years of providing complete IT infrastructure solutions, GMI can help an organization optimize their IT resources and infrastructure. GMI Professional Services are available on an hourly basis, in pre-defined packages or as an ongoing help desk resource.  Based upon an organization’s needs and level of IT staff available, our professional staff will develop a customized consulting services solution following our established workflow and business process with defined deliverables and end-to-end project management.


Our in-house Bellevue, Washington team has been the backbone of our professional services portfolio.  Many times, complex IT environments will span across one or more practice areas.  This is where GMI’s experienced team can provide needed synergy and comprehensive solutions. We have developed strong partnerships with the leading technology hardware and software companies in each practice area, which allows us to provide you with unbiased solutions that have been customized to match your needs, your vision and your budget.