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What’s driving Big Data? The openness and wide availability of the Internet has created opportunities for any type of device to connect. This has led to an explosion of mobile devices able to connect and collect new data. How relevant is this to your business?  We’re interested in helping you find out.  The medical, security and retail industries are expanding exponentially creating real challenges in managing this data.

Big Data is a term applied to a new generation of business information, and it generally takes the form of unstructured data.  It represents the ability to collect and analyze these new information sets.

Many businesses are looking to better understand their customers with Big Data.  Consumer applications in personalized medicine and retail are fueled with additional information regarding consumer behavior.  The Internet of Things or IP addressable devices are creating information where none has ever existed before.

Research and engineering breakthroughs are equally exciting when large data sets are combined with new platforms that support high-speed computational power and large scaleable storage.


Health Monitoring Use Case for Big Data

Technology trends move fast, though.  GMI stands ready to discuss ways your firm can benefit for an increased its focus on data and data analytics.  We feature the following manufacturers’ products for big data and high performance storage applications.

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