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GMI is dedicated to IT professionals. We focus on making IT easy for all those who plan, procure, design, deploy, fix, monitor and operate the systems that drive their company’s technology. From the CIO envisioning a company’s future, to the technician who responds to alerts at two in the morning, GMI is looking for ways to improve, simplify and advance IT.


Our mission is to empower
our customers through creative technology solutions.


Technology cycles and trends come and go. We work to identify the ones that make the most impact, and offer useful guidance based on our customers’ goals. We carefully select our manufacturers and distributors to ensure that we are positioned to offer the best solution for your situation.

We try to solve all challenges that come our way. But, if it’s not a product we carry, we will point you to the right provider. This is how we’ve worked to stay useful and relevant to customers for over thirty years.

The Changing Role of the CIO

GMI believes that there is a real opportunity for CIOs and IT professionals to redefine their roles in driving business success.  We are all aware of hybrid environments, such as; the cloud, Software-as-a- Service, and the trend toward department/applications buyers directly purchasing their own IT infrastructure.


Today’s trends are an opportunity to shape the future.

~Earl Overstreet, CEO and Founder of GMI


Today’s fundamental shift moves IT Professionals from administrator/practitioner to Innovative Leaders.  The opportunity for today’s CIO is to shape the future of business, as well as how IT is practiced within a firm.

At GMI, we see a clear path through strategic technology solutions and management tools to help evolve the role of the CIO to the next level bringing even more value to their organizations.  The focus on security, standards and user experience management will not go away any time soon.  Rather, the IT organization will have continued responsibility along with the opportunity to provide a vision with increased diversity of infrastructures, applications and providers.  If outsourced email goes down, your employees will still look to IT.


Top Trends to Consider

What’s next is on everyone’s mind.  Where is the industry going?  At GMI, we make it our business to engage and understand today’s top trends and their impact on IT.   In the near term, we see the following as shaping IT :

  • Increased Mobility – The “Glass House” of centralized computing is dead. The new reality for IT is that users and infrastructures are mobile.  There is a lot of talk about the challenges of servicing mobile users.  That’s only one aspect of the bigger mobility challenge – mobile infrastructure (aka cloud) presents its own set of opportunities and challenges.  Mobile data and global technology take security concerns to a whole new level.
  • Decreased Visibility – Managed services provide varying levels of visibility into the underlying infrastructure. It is difficult for customers to have consistent insight into performance, trends, bottlenecks and threats.
  • Increased Complexity – Modern user experiences with IT services depend on known, unknown, trusted, and untrusted infrastructure elements. Users, apps, content, performance capabilities and expectations are all moving pieces that impact user experience.  Self-service (sanctioned or shadow) adds yet another source of complexity to IT management.
  • Decreased Control – IT is usually responsible for user experience and enterprise security, regardless of where the services run or who manages them. IT service lifecycles will drive more mobility and complexity as services go from dev/test to pilot, production, maturity and migration.

GMI is interested in how these and other technology trends affect the business of IT.   We can help you embrace new technology and solutions to enable disruptive products, services and business models for your organization.

To keep you informed, we offer the following top-of-mind topics:

  • Changing role of the CIO
  • Impact of machine generated data on storage and operations
  • Defining systems based on software-defined storage
  • Is Flash a flash in the pan?
  • Bringing the power of the Public Cloud inside the enterprise
  • Network sandboxes for added security

Please contact us at for a copy of our whitepapers on the above research topics. Or better yet, schedule a time to talk with us so you take advantage of the changing IT landscape.