IT Services

GMI’s Professional Services – IT Services

GMI can help organizations assess their readiness for migrating their data center environments to next-gen platforms, while adopting best practices and proven solutions. We enable organizations to identify business and technology gaps in the areas of core IT infrastructure design and architecture, performance, implementation, security, cloud readiness, IT intelligence and analytics.

As organizations grow and evolve, their IT needs and resources change with budgets or personnel resources shrinking as the data center environment itself becoming more complex and heterogeneous.  In addition, support available from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) becomes limited or turn into end-of-life platforms.  This all leads to higher servicing costs and greater complexity in ongoing maintenance.

GMI’s assessment and consultation services enables organizations to implement or redeploy reliable and cost effective IT infrastructure solutions. GMI leverages its 30 plus years of experience, industry best practices, and strategic partnerships with technology providers to design data center transformation roadmaps with customized recommendations for system refresh and consolidation. We also perform cost optimization assessments to identify areas of improvements in operational expenditure.


With GMI Professional Services, organizations can:

  • Reduce operational costs with data center consolidation and modernization
  • Enhance data center availability through reduced downtime
  • Increase workforce productivity by enabling resource pooling
  • Boost user experience by ensuring application availability and avoiding network failures
  • Increase ROI by leveraging existing IT infrastructure
  • Future-proof your data center by integrating it with disruptive technologies