Security Services

GMI’s Professional Services – Security Services

GMI’s highly skilled Professional Services team offers a combination of technology and cyber security expertise along with over 30 years of experience to strategically assess an organization’s security posture, build out a security program and effectively execute the deployment.

Whether performing a high level security assessment, reviewing compliance requirements for HIPAA or PCI or providing recommendations on the most effective endpoint solution for an organization’s specific network architecture, GMI’s Professional Services Team has the technical expertise and practical experience to help your organization take proactive measures to mitigate the risks associated with running a network and technology in today’s world. Services are customized to address the required scope of work and success metrics identified.

GMI takes a collaborative approach with customers – offering trusted guidance based upon in-depth experience and analysis of goals, priorities, use cases, compliance requirements and the organization’s risk profile. Whether your team needs advice on policy recommendations or solution design and architecture, GMI can work with you to provide technical expertise and best-practices to help achieve project goals.

GMI certified professionals are knowledgeable about technology and the cyber security industry. GMI’s trusted experts share knowledge and best practices throughout the engagement –– enabling customers to maximize the GMI deployment.


Major security service offerings include:

  • Security Risk assessment
    • Security risk assessment based on NIST standards for any industry to identify areas of risk and overall security posture
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
    • Assessment following NIST standards and HIPAA CFR rules to identify risk areas for HIPAA compliance
  • HIPAA Audit/Gap Analysis
    • Assessment for new system additions and upgrades or data incidents including breaches
  • PCI SAQ Support
    • Expert consultation for Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Vulnerability scan
    • Identify vulnerabilities in external facing- web applications and services, wireless networks and networked systems
  • Penetration testing
    • External and internal penetration testing to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in external facing networks, Wi-Fi networks and web applications
  • Incident response and forensic analysis
    • First responder service to investigate breaches, identify compromised data and gather forensic evidence along with threat remediation recommendations