Service Partners

GMI Service Partners

At GMI, we know that there are times where you need a highly specialized vendor. On a select basis, GMI works with preferred vendors to support occasional or highly specialized needs. These services, key to ongoing IT operations, require a level of expertise that only a dedicated focus can provide.

Financing Options

Working with our partners and manufacturers, GMI can help you find the financing necessary to move forward with your capital initiatives. Our relationship with major distributors and manufacturers brings more choices to your company’s portfolio of funding options. We are happy to work with you to explore various funding plans as well as comparisons of lease and cloud options.

Temporary Staffing

When you need help for longer term projects, GMI stays connected with high quality individuals and staffing firms that can be engaged for your project. Most of these arrangements are for very specific technical needs and can include temporary to full-time hires.

Featured Service Partners

Seitel Systems_185Axelerate Technology Staffing

Installation & Training

Need access to manufacturer-certified installers? Or is a new systems or staff addition driving the need for training? We are connected to training companies who are truly experts in their field. From standard off-site training, to customer on-site or system-specific training, our experts bring the support you need.


You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward toward the technology, not the other way around.

~Steve Jobs


Staying Green

GMI values environmental stewardship. With your new system, we will help you find a green way to recycle the old.

Tapes, SFPs and Consumables

For replacement tapes, disk or network cards, we have access to the consumables you use at reasonable prices.

Specialty Sourcing

Our large network of distributors and manufacturers makes us the perfect team to help you find that odd replacement part or component.

While we have ongoing relationships with many companies, we feature the following trusted partners for installation, training and staffing.  Contact us at 425-644-2233 or with your specific needs.