Maintenance Contracts & Renewals

Maintenance Contracts

At GMI, we are dedicated to your business success. While the upfront work around procuring big systems is exciting, we want to make sure that you are covered for the day to day running  of your IT department.  Count on us for helping you find cost-effective equipment and software maintenance options. We offer tracking solutions to help manage your renewals and track your assets.

GMI works with several companies, including Terix, to offer price-competitive alternatives to manufacturer support. We can help you find a support solution for your useful equipment nearing end-of-life, or cost savings to improve the overall bottom line.

For most current hardware and software, GMI offers maintenance contracts. Frequently, GMI’s relationship with its vendors drives improved pricing that we pass on to our customers. For example, if you are using Solarwinds or Symantec we welcome reviewing your current support costs to see if we can help improve your bottom line.


Benefits of IT Asset Management



Contract Renewals

Many of our customers find managing contracts a challenge. We offer expert contract management to ensure you have continued support of your hardware and software. We will evaluate services under contract, as well as those that are not, to ensure you are paying only for what you need. Because of our extensive vendor relationships, we frequently have access to improved terms that can help your bottom line. Know that your environment will be continuously supported and you will have time for planning with GMI.

Asset Tracking

Managing IT assets and components can be time consuming.  A current asset list is helpful in lifecycle and capital replacement planning.  A comprehensive review of assets can drive changes in license costs, paying only for what is actually used.  GMI provides customers with a comprehensive asset tracking tool set.

Let GMI help you minimize your ongoing costs and keep track of your IT assets. Please give us a call at 425-644-2233 to start the conversation.


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