Backed by the most powerful partnerships in the technology industry, GMI has the tools to spring your business forward. We have an unrelenting commitment to excellence and quality that is unmatched.
Our solution portfolio runs deep, from systems and storage, to network products and data analysis. We support the following data functions:

  • Process (servers)
  • Storage (disk and tape)
  • Classification (data management and database software)
  • Analysis (data warehouse and business intelligence)
  • Protection (security and data integrity)

What sets GMI apart?
We don’t just provide an arsenal of technology solutions; we are problem solvers and give our customers the power to choose. We’ll meet or exceed your business needs by tailoring and configuring solutions to interoperate with your current IT infrastructure.
GMI is much more than a simple reseller, GMI has the technology skills and demonstrated customer success to provide complete end-to-end IT solutions designed to address today’s toughest challenges. Since 1983, we have developed powerful strategic partnerships with industry leading OEMs and suppliers to ensure that our clients have immediate access to the most current technologies at the very best prices. An array of purchasing vehicles and flexible service level agreements make it easy to get the solutions you need even when budgets are tight.
GMI’s problem-solving process begins by building a strong relationship. We line up our technical and sales resources to solve your unique technology challenges.
Our objective is to become an integral part of our customers’ IT organization. Not only is it important to ensure that each project is implemented and works, but that future challenges are identified and solved without a hitch. By choosing to partner with us, your business will:

  • Dramatically improve TCO and reliability
  • Optimize data center efficiencies
  • Maximize ROI

IBM Solutions

As a valued IBM business partner, GMI offers the latest best-in-class solutions, including:

  • System Storage: Leverage disk storage and NAS, tape storage systems and media, and virtual tape storage systems.
  • Power and xSeries Servers: Optimized for the heavy lifting of virtual workloads, high-performance applications, and large consolidations.
  • Tivoli Storage Management: Simplify the process of backup and recovery management for complex, ever-growing data environments.

GEM (GMI Enterprise Module)

GEM — your all-in-one data center
GEM fulfills all of your data center requirements within one single, simple, and integrated platform. GEM employs world-class capabilities inherent in Citrix, Panavisor, Brocade, and Fujitsu architecture within a solution comprised of leading storage, software, and computing components. GEM may be easily configured to suit your organization’s virtual desktop, cloud computing, or server infrastructure needs.
Back your IT department with best-in-class capabilities regardless of the size or maturity of your organization. With GEM, you can comfortably scale your IT architecture up or down based on your company’s evolution for decades to come. No downtime. No hassle.


Gain turnkey technology with flexible solution-delivery-as-a-service from GMI
Large software investments, constant upgrades, patch installations, and updates are a thing of the past with solution-delivery-as-a-service (SDaaS) from GMI. Instead of paying lump sums for your initial license and investing again for each new version as standard with traditional enterprise software, SDaaS gives organizations more control and flexibility along with one low, predictable monthly subscription fee.
GMI conveniently orchestrates the end-to-end process, designing cost-efficient and fully integrated SDaaS delivery models tailored to suit each company’s operations and objectives. Boost capabilities and reduce cost for many of your essential business applications supporting backup and recovery, data indexing, search and discovery, data archive, data security, Customer Relations Management (CRM), and office productivity including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Server Virtualization

Experience virtualization with GMI
At GMI, we help organizations migrate shared resources onto a robust and highly efficient desktop virtualization platform. With decades of expertise in supporting businesses just like yours, we plan, design, and launch hosted desktop operating systems based on the perfect methodology and hosting option for your unique environment. Manage cost and optimize performance by establishing appropriate server, network, and storage requirements to reliably support your operations.
With Virtualization from GMI you can:
Streamline resource management
Improve data integrity
Increase data security
Optimize efficiency
Guarantee compliance
Partner with a trusted and established company that specializes in innovative system, network, and storage solutions.

Cloud Computing

Pay as you grow with agile cloud computing services from GMI
Advanced, enterprise-level software and infrastructure are essential to compete in today’s fierce economy. Subscription-based cloud computing resources virtually eliminate traditional barriers to entry while cutting total cost of ownership, boosting capabilities, eliminating deployment downtime, and maximizing flexibility. Scale up or down in a moment’s notice to accommodate unpredictable growth cycles. Because shared solutions are maintained and upgraded for you, you minimize in-house IT expenses and maintain a lean operation.
Start your transition to the cloud and you can:
Increase performance
Enable mobility
Improve reliability
Reduce IT demands
Optimize capacity
Let GMI transition your infrastructure seamlessly while mitigating disruption, minimizing cost, and ultimately improving your company’s bottom line.