ThousandEyes is a Network Intelligence platform that delivers visibility into every network an organization relies on, enabling them to optimize and improve application delivery, end-user experience and ongoing infrastructure investments.

Primary Products

Enterprise Agents – Test from branch offices and data centers to internal and SaaS applications with easy-to-install Enterprise Agents.
Endpoint Agents – Monitor your corporate and remote networks and measure end user application experience through Endpoint Agents.
Cloud Agents – Troubleshoot your own customer-facing applications with Cloud Agents, managed by ThousandEyes in more than 120 cities globally.

Major Benefits and Differentiation

  • Smart agents deployed across the Internet and within your organization deliver the most complete understanding of network topology, dependencies and behavior.
  • Quickly and precisely pinpoint the root cause of problems, such as device faults, congestion, DDoS attacks, hijacks, route leaks, DNS failures and service provider outages.
  • Share your insights with your vendors and customers to resolve problems faster. Respond to issues before they impact customers, services and revenue—and ensure your business runs smoothly