What Sets GMI Apart?

GMI is your full-service technology partner. With an unrelenting commitment to quality and excellence, we specialize in purpose-driven solutions, defined by our customers’ specific needs. Backed by long-time relationships in the technology industry, we have the tools to drive your business forward. Focusing on the intersection of business and IT solutions, we plan, procure and implement the right technology for our customers’ unique environments.

Building Lasting Partnerships

Relationships are at the foundation of our success. GMI commits to lasting integrity, consistency and reliability with our customers and partners. We focus on constant improvements to keep our company ahead of emerging technology trends to serve customer needs, today and in the future.


Your success is our commitment!


GMI is committed to customer success.  To achieve that goal, we work to ensure that we align with our customers by understanding what’s important to them, how they measure success and the challenges that face their business.  We are willing to invest the time to build a valuable understanding of not just the technology, but how that technology needs to perform on behalf of the customer.

We are happy to work with any customer, but if you see yourself in the list below there’s a good chance we can quickly build an effective relationship:

  • Medium to large sized organizations or major enterprise;
  • Sees technology as a critical success factor;
  • Have a complex IT environment (decentralized, multiple vendors, locations or services)
  • Feels resource constraints (time, money, performance, people or achieving green energy goals)
  • Operates in a dynamic environment (growing, shrinking, competitive market, mergers); or
  • Interested in building long-term vendor partnerships (believes in win-win).

It’s GMI’s job to build alignment by understanding your challenges.  We do this by focusing on quality products and services, attracting employees dedicated to service, building our knowledge base to ensure we are comfortable with complex environments and staying nimble to respond to the quick pace of technology and business.

Working with GMI, you will find a partner dedicated to:

  • Dramatically improving your TCO and reliability
  • Optimizing performance efficiency
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Industry leading technology solutions
  • Keeping your interests first

We don’t just provide a wide range of leading technology solutions; we are innovative problem solvers.

Customers First! Lifecycle Approach

GMI makes a commitment to customers during all stages of their IT initiatives. We are results-oriented. We complement your staff with the problem-solving skills, tools and products to help simplify complex choices and help you focus on your business.



At GMI, we ensure that each project provides value for the long term. Let GMI help assess your needs using this IT Lifecycle approach. Give us a call at 425-644-2233.