Increasing classroom connection and collaboration

Over the past few decades, education at every level has moved increasingly into the digital realm.  Communications between teachers, students, faculty, administration, and parents relies on efficient and effective technology, and many class assignments, textbooks, and homework takes place through a network.  Reliable and secure IT management has become critical to the educational experience.

Our suite of best-in-class IT solutions focuses on secure application delivery, wireless, virtualization services, and secure network infrastructure, helping schools reduce costs while delivering robust networks that enhance productivity. Our dedicated team of experts have decades of extensive experience providing E-Rate procurement and services to our K-12 and higher education clients, and are ready solve any problem you throw their way.

Seamless Solutions for Today's Educators

Increase Productivity

In education, increased productivity leads to better outcomes. We provide a comprehensive suite of IT solutions for collaboration, storage, connectivity and mobility. These solutions are designed to minimize downtime, speed up transitions, and facilitate efficient communication.

Improve Communications

Whether you use cloud storage or a proprietary software, we can optimize your network speed, storage, security and monitoring to maintain a healthy and safe IT environment. Our expertise in the latest wireless innovations can help your students and staff access your network anywhere with ease.

Cost-effective Expertise

Outsourcing your IT management is the cost-effective solution for controlling your tech spending. We offer flexible service arrangements customized to your needs, whether it is for a fully-managed network, a one-time project, or a bi-annual network health check and remediation.

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