24/7 nOC


Streamlining your IT monitoring and response time.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a centralized location for our IT technicians to directly monitor and support your environments using enterprise-class remote monitoring and management tools.

Through the NOC, we monitor infrastructure health, security, and capacity, making adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

The NOC helps our team keep a watchful eye over all monitored endpoints, ensuring 24/7/365 uptime for our customers. Whether your company utilizes an in-house or cloud infrastructure provider or a hybrid solution, our NOC tracks every netflow, hop, server, and endpoint attached to their network.

Being proactive ensures that when intervention is needed, our NOC team can create alerts (or “tickets”) that identify and categorize the issue based on severity, alert type, and more. These tickets are either assigned to our NOC or Service Desk teams, or they are escalated directly to our engineers to resolve the problem and identify its root cause to prevent future issues.

Consultation Areas

Application Software Installations, Troubleshooting and Updating

Email Management Services

Backup and Storage Management

Network Discovery and Assessments

Policy Enforcement

Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Monitoring and Management

Antivirus Scanning and Remediation

Patch Management and Whitelisting

Shared Threat Analysis

Optimization and Quality of Service Reporting

Voice and Video Traffic Management

Performance Reporting and Improvement Recommendations

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